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Top questions and answers about VOXXO

Due to lack of market confidence and the background problems for the integration of entertainment and crypto-powered economy, a revert process is preparing. Collected cryptos will be reverted between April 2019 - June 2019. The team will announce a declaration for the future of the project.

Please send us mail directly via for any questions. e-Mail support will be started after team declaration. Please follow the website. No telegram support/answer will be given for the revert process. Also you can login to dashboard to check the progress via

The Project continues and is not dead. We are still struggle procedures that we need to overcome to proceed further. But the latest break on market, makes so many doors are closed. All ideas and concepts will be served as open source from now. Thank you all for your support.

VOXXO is not just a music player. It is a platform for music where VOXXO token holders can invest in concerts and get profits as redemption. And also VOXXO is a Music Licensing platform for musicians all around to world. See Investing in Concerts section Learn more.

Yes, of course, you can listen to all popular music as you do with Spotify, Pandora etc. Both free and paid users can listen to all songs without any forward, backward limitations. Free users will see ads after two songs it is all. To be paid user, you need to buy streaming hours as much as you want to listen with cryptocurrencies. Learn more

Meet VOXXO Music Player Mobile App

New music stream experience with new features. Buy hours with cryptocurrencies exactly as much you want to listen! Let's create a future changing community together


Dubstep Wobble Mix Thunder Vol. 3
 Ben Sound  
Dubstep Wobble Mix Thunder Vol. 2

Listening to Music with VOXXO

Paid Users
No need to monthly subscription
Buy hours as much as you want
No ads, no limits
Creating, sharing, following lists.
Following artists and bands

Free Users
Free users see Ads after 2 songs.
Free Users can go forward and backward freely
There is no streaming limit


The Most valuable entertainment project of the year

Buy music with crypto!

You can pay with ETH, BTC and VOXXO Token. Get bonuses if you use VOXXO Token


Pay with:
0.001 ETH
Buy Streaming Hours
You have 01:20 remaining hours

Pay as much as you want

No need for a monthly or yearly subscription. Stream music and broadcast live concerts.

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